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Spiritual Journeys

He who has a WHY can live with almost any HOW.

How can we live above the storms of life like the towering mountains with the swirling clouds, accompanied by the pine and cypress trees?

From Confucian analects to Laozi’s Dadejing, from Socrates to Sartre,   we are eager to mine the wealth of Asian civilisational resources from cultural anthropology to philosophical anthropology, to help us live with faith and peace in the dense urban contexts of the 21st century.

Since 2002, Asian Journeys have been organising talks on culture and spirituality from Areopagus Retreat to talks on Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Literature in 20th Century, Arts and Architectural Appreciation, Asian Cultures and Faiths with community organisations.

In 2008, we started the Red Dragonfly Project to work with children and youth in neighbourhood schools and Student Care Centres to help them self-discover and begin their journeys in character development and spiritual formation. Working with the Scout Association, Girls Brigade, and  student councils as well as youth at risk from secondary schools, we have provided self-management and leadership training to children and youth.

We have also organised Eco Retreats suitable for youths, adults and seniors to promote creative responsibility as we integrate creation care and simple living in our spirituality to live in harmony with God, with one another and God’s creation.

To learn how you can partner us in organising a spiritual development and character formation programme for your school, organisation or community, email [email protected] to initiate a conversation with us.