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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."


Our Mission

To promote Asian cultural research and social programmes for youth development in Asia

Asian Journeys Ltd is a Singapore- based social enterprise established in 2002 to advance the cause of community transformation through mobilizing and developing youths as transformational agents in Asia.

Our vision

Journeying with youths to discover the wealth of civilizational resources in Asia and to develop local resources to engage and address social concerns

"When we journey together, the teacher comes among us."


"Read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles. "

Chinese proverb

"A thousand-mile journey is better than ten years of studies. "

Chinese proverb

Great People. Amazing Places. Experiential Learning.

Meet The Founder-Director

Lawrence J. C. Ko

Lawrence Ko is a writer, cultural researcher and corporate trainer. He has experience in human resources development and spiritual formation having serving as pastor, events organiser, and trainer in human resources and cross-cultural competencies over the past 29 years.

Lawrence founded Asian Journeys Ltd, a Singapore-based social enterprise, to network and nurture young leaders towards a vision of a creative and responsible community. He has organized urban missions projects as well as environmental stewardship efforts in various parts of Asia. His book “Can the Desert be Green? Planting Hope in the Wilderness” was published on Earth Day in 2014 to encourage Christians to be good stewards of the environment and priests of God’s creation. He researches on Asian cultures and urbanism and is the editor of Ethnic Rhythms: Life in the A Global City (2015) as well as Urbany: Gospel at Street Level, (2017). His next book “From the Desert to the City” will be published by Ethos Institute, Singapore in February 2020.