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Cultural Journeys

What God creates is nature. What humans create is culture. Since the beginning of history, humans have been given the cultural mandate to create out of what God has created. The way we walk and move and dance. The clothes we wear and the food we eat and the way we eat and drink. That is culture. What a privilege to co-create with the Creator using our creativity.

Let us journey together to learn about the diverse cultures, especially in Asia and celebrate our different cultures and civilisations.

Interested in Chinese brush art. Join us in Chinese Calligraphy classes with Asian Journeys Calligraphy Club’s 8-week courses at our centre at One Pemimpin. Visit: https://www.asianjourneyscalligraphy.org/

Invite us to share with your friends or your organisation on topics related to Asian cultural contexts especially Chinese cross-cultural learning and history. Email [email protected]

Past project partners included Asian Civilisation Museum, National Library Board, Temasek Polytechnic, SIM  University (now SUSS) as well as Civil Service College where we have been able to provide our talks, workshops and training services since 2002.