April 30, 2020

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The Two Degree War: Red in the Morning, Shepherd’s Warning

There was an old adage I learnt when I was in the Boy Scouts movement which was helpful for predicting weather when we went hiking or camping:
“Red at Night, Shepherd’s Delight;
Red in the Morning, Shepherd’s Warning.”
It was a simple rule of thumb guide to anticipate the weather conditions for the day ahead as we prepare for our outdoor activities. This was in line with the Boy Scout’s motto, “Be Prepared” and it was an important lesson for our journey in life.

No PLANet B: Is There Hope for the Devastated Earth?”

We are facing great challenges in 21st Century with our economic growth model and consumptive lifestyle. Experts tell us constantly we are facing the prosperity crisis, the poverty crisis, the population crisis, and the pollution crisis. The consequences are the ecological and environmental crises facing us as our way of life has become unsustainable.